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what is earnest money in real estate?

Earnest money and option money are both funds that are put down in the first few days of an executed contract, and buyers are sometimes confused by what they’re for.  I recently shared a post explaining the option period and now I want to talk about earnest money in real ...

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what is an option period in real estate?

When buyers are putting in an offer on a house, there are often many questions about earnest money and option money, funds that are put down in the first few days of an executed contract.  Option money, in particular, can be confusing so let’s talk about an option period in ...

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what to know about moving from california to texas.

With the current political state, high housing and tax prices, and other personal factors, many people are choosing to move from California to the great state of Texas. Before taking the leap, there are many things to consider and some myths to dispel. Here’s what you need to know about ...

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expert organizing tips for selling, packing, and moving.

Shopping for and buying a house is definitely the fun part of moving.  Everything that comes afterwards – packing, loading, unpacking – can be stressful, labor intensive, and downright tricky.  But there are ways to make it easier!  I sat down with Amy Payne, a certified professional organizer and the ...

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8 things first time home buyers need to know.

Whether you’re buying your very first home or buying your fifteenth home, there are things that need to be considered in the process.  First time home buyers, especially, may not think about some of these things and may end up in trouble down the road, with higher monthly payments, or ...

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